ACB Pricing - General Information

I work primarily with steel and stainless steel. Just about anything you could want can be done in either material; Road, Touring, Mountain, Cyclocross, Commuter, Comfort, Time Trial, and so on. Therefore, my pricing reflects a base price for a frame and steel fork utilizing either lugged or fillet brazed construction. Options can be selected from there. My frames are built with only the best tubing from top suppliers like Columbus, Dedacciai, KVA & Reynolds. However, I typically do not use a particular "tube set". Rather, I select individual tubes based upon what's going to work the best for you and how you intend to use the bike. Its not uncommon for me to use tubes from different manufacturers in the same frame if that's what will be best for the bike, etc. (Note-A specific tube set can be requested and I will try to accommodate your request.)

(Note on Components: Even though I often build and deliver complete bicycles, the information here pertains to my frames and forks only. This is because of the huge variation of components available and related owner preferences. However, I am a "one stop shop", in that I can provide just about any groupset or combination of components that you might want. I am also flexible; it doesn't matter to me whether you want just a frameset, want to use some (or all) of your own parts, or would like me to provide everything. If you would like components and know what you want, please just provide a list and I'll quote you a price. If you don't know what you want or need, please let me know and I will be happy to make recommendations..........(PS: I offer free installation on components purchased from me.....with the exception of metal fenders))

Base Pricing

Base Price For Lugged Steel Frame and Steel Fork

Base Price For Lugged Stainless Steel Frame & Steel Fork(*)

Base Price For Fillet Brazed Steel Frame and Steel Fork

Base Price for Fillet Brazed Tandem Frame and Steel Fork

Base Price for Custom Steel Fork-Fork Only-single color paint

Base Price for Custom Lugged Stem with Polished Stainless Lugs

Base Price for Fillet Brazed Stem-Single color paint









Frameset Pricing Includes Custom Geometry, Lugged or Fillet Brazed construction, Custom Steel Fork, Stainless Headbadge (brushed finish), Stainless Steel Dropouts (brushed finish), Standard Braze Ons (bottle bosses, cable stops, STI stops, Brake bridge, etc), Single color paint finish (Stainless frames include a brushed, paint free, finish), and your choice of Lugs and Fork Crown. (**)

​(*) Note: Forks that come with stainless steel frames include a stainless crown and stainless dropouts, with painted steel blades. Stainless steel fork blades are available as an option. Please see the options section.

(**) Note: Pricing is subject to change. It is, however, locked in as of the date of your deposit.

V. 3-1-17

General Options

Lug Carving & Cut Outs-Varies depending on work requested-Starts at

Two color finish (2nd color on painted bike, or 1st color on Stainless

Two color finish with lug masking

Additional colors-each

​Multi-color or custom paint effects-Varies-Starts at

S&S Couplers

Cantilever brake mounts-per pair

Disk brake mounts-Each-Starts at

Additional water bottle mounts-per pair

Polished stainless STI stops

Water bottle reinforcements-per pair

Brake bridge reinforcements-(not available on stainless frames)-per pair

Internal brake cable routing-Non stainless frame-each

Internal brake cable routing-Stainless frame-each

Front braze on derailleur hanger-stainless

Columbine Quickchainger

Rack/Fender bosses-per pair

Chrome Plating-Varies

Stainless Steel Fork Blades

​Carbon Fork-Varies but usually there is no upcharge, ask for details



















Call or e-mail


Call or e-mail

Polishing Options

Custom Stem with Polished Stainless Lugs-available with or without frame

Polishing of Stainless drop outs-Brushed finish is standard-per pair

Polishing of Stainless Headbadge-Brushed finish is standard

Polished Stainless Headtube Lugs

Polished Stainless Seat lug

Polished Stainless Fork Crown

Polished Stainless Chain & Seat Stays