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Thank You for Visiting......I specialize in building one of a kind custom bicycles and frame sets. Each is designed and hand built exclusively for the rider, based upon his or her unique specifications, wishes, needs, and riding style. I offer a wide variety of different style bicycles, with a special focus on Road, Cyclocross, and my "4-Seasons" all arounder bikes. Though phrases that include words like "custom" or "hand made" have become overused and clichéd, I do build truly "hand made" bicycles, with all of the skill and care that someone buying such a machine should expect.

Thank you for your time. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Dave Anderson

PLEASE NOTE: I am not accepting new orders at this time. When that changes this notice will be deleted. Thank you for your interest! Dave

The Bicycles

Every one of my bicycles is made to order, "made to measure", and made to last. Each is a one of a kind machine, designed and built for you alone and with only the best materials available. You can find details of some of the "models" that I offer below. I build custom bicycles, though, and so please do not feel limited by what you may or may not see here. If you don't see what you're after, please let me know. In addition, nearly all frames are available in either lugged or fillet brazed construction. I work primarily with steel and stainless steel and most of the bikes that I build can be constructed with either material.

ACB 4 Season Stainless

The Four Seasons is designed to be a great all around...all year round... bicycle. It's built with stainless tubes throughout and with a geometry and design that makes for a bike that's as comfortable in the rough as it is on pavement. As one reviewer put it: "It's a bombproof mileage bike; it's a lightweight sporting machine; it's a 'credit card' tourer. It packs comfort without giving way to performance; it stands out from the crowd yet has understated looks; it uses cutting edge materials but is able to withstand more than a few knocks and the ravages of winter." See HERE for more photos of the bike above. See HERE for other 4 Seasons Stainless Examples.

ACB Signature Stainless

I call this bike my "Signature Stainless" model not only because I have been building them since Reynolds first introduced stainless steel tubing to the world in 2006, but also because it features specific design characteristics that these frames have become known for, including the seat stay attachment configuration, paint scheme, drop outs, lugs used, and etc. The frame is 100% stainless with Reynolds or KVA stainless tubes throughout, along with stainless lugs, drops and other fittings. I offer this frameset with either a custom steel or carbon fork. See HERE for more photos of the bike above. See HERE for more Signature Stainless examples.

ACB Road

There is nothing like a good road bike, and of all of the bikes that I build, they are my favorite. Light.... fast... predictable... intuitive... responsive... comfortable.... These are some of the words that come to mind when I think about a great road bike, and describe some of the characteristics that I strive to incorporate into every one that I build. From the individual tubes selected, to the color its painted, an ACB Road bike is truly a custom machine, built specifically for its rider to look and perform like no other. See HERE for more photos of the bike above. See HERE for more road bike examples. ​

ACB Compact Road

The ACB Compact frame is, of course, steel and it's lugged, but with a twist.....It features "modern" compact geometry, ultra-light tubing, stainless drop outs, and a carbon, or lightweight ACB custom steel fork, making for a light and fast bike! Stainless versions are built with a proprietary blend of Reynolds 953 or KVA MS3 tubing, and I use a custom blend of Columbus Spirit and True Temper S3 tubes for the "painted" versions. I can build this bike with "standard" diameter tubes as shown and also with "oversized" tubes for larger riders, or those who like the look of bigger tubes. See HERE for more photos of the bike above. See HERE for more Compact bike examples.

ACB S3 Road

True Temper revolutionized steel bike construction when it introduced S3 tubing. It's the stuff that put the exclamation point on the fact that steel bikes don't have to be heavy, and the ACB S3 Road is no exception. Built with S3 tubes throughout and fillet brazed to perfection, it makes for a great looking, fast, lightweight bicycle. This frameset includes stainless steel drop outs and can be had with a carbon fork or a lightweight ACB custom steel fork. See HERE for more photos of the bike above.

ACB Cross

Cyclocross...man...what's not to love about cyclocross? and what's better than a great cyclocross bike? The original off road machine. Cyclocross bikes are a blast to ride on or off the course and they are a blast to build for a builder like me. There are nearly an infinite number of ways to configure them, from pure race to the ultimate in utility. Throw in some creativity and craft and you've got something that's very exciting indeed! See HERE for more photos of the bike above. You can also check out a lugged stainless version HERE.​


Monster cross?, Adventure bike?, Gravel Grinder?, or maybe Single Track Slayer? :-) It's, honestly, a little hard to define what this bike is, but that's because its all of these things and more. This is a pretty much go anywhere, do anything, bicycle that was designed and built before "adventure" or "gravel" bikes were even a thing. It's super capable with tons of tire clearance (Those are 2.2 x 29" tires!) and is pretty darn light to boot. While it is shown here with a carbon Rock Solid mountain fork, it can also be had with a steel fork or any number of the carbon disc cross or adventure forks that have become available in recent years. See HERE for more photos of the bike above.

ACB RS Special

The ACB "RS Special" is a special bike indeed. It's built exclusively using Richard Sachs' tubes, lugs, drop outs, and other fittings throughout. RS parts are among the best materials available today, and are very well designed and styled, evoking a bit of the past, while keeping both feet in the present. The RS special is a bike that's a blast to ride, with great looks to match. Be sure to check out more photos of this bike HERE.

Other Bikes & Stuff

As noted above, I offer a wide variety of bicycles, not just those shown on this page and so please don't feel limited by what you see or don't see. If there is something that you have in mind please let me know. I also build custom forks and stems. For a few examples of other types of bikes, please see HERE. You can also check out few fork examples HERE, and stems HERE.



How to Order

OK, so you've looked over everything on my site and want to know more? Here is what you do:

1. Decide what you want, or what you want to talk about and then give me a call or e-mail. I'll answer any questions that you might have and discuss what I can do for you.

2. Once you have decided to invest in an Anderson Custom Bicycle, I'll ask for a $400 deposit to secure your place in the build order. (Note: I accept cash, check, Paypal, or Credit Cards)

3. We will then start the design process and get much more specific. I will have you complete my custom build questionnaire, or, if necessary, we can schedule a fitting. We will look at your dimensions, your current bike set up, your riding position, & etc. We'll talk about aesthetic details, parts selections, and other specs.

4. I will create a preliminary design and produce and send to you a CAD drawing of your new bike.

5. When your turn comes up in the build order, I'll ask for an additional payment of $750, and then......I build your new bike!! Throughout the build process, I will provide you with photos of your bike's progress, so that you can follow along.

6. When it comes time to order your parts kit (if applicable), I will ask for a related payment, will order your parts, and assemble your new bike.

7. Once your new bike is finished, your balance will be due and we will make arrangements for shipment or pick up.


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